Accounting Faculty

Name title phone (216) email
Foltin, L. Craig Assistant Professor 687.3658
Hoffman, Benjamin (Ben) Assistant Professor 687.4723
Holtzblatt, Mark Associate Professor 875.9711
Jia, Weishi Assistant Professor 687.4743
Kaminsky, Daniel (Dan) Associate College Lecturer 687.2081
Lee, Paul Associate Professor 687.4729
McClain, Bruce Professor 687.3652
Meier, Heidi Associate Dean - Academic Affairs, Chair, Director of Master's of Accountacy Program, Professor 687.3671
Molina, Richard Assistant College Lecturer 687.4759
Rickett, Laura Assistant Professor 687.3672
Rose, Mary Visiting Instructor 687.4725  
Rozen, Etzmun Associate Professor 687.4727
Smith, Deborah Assistant Professor 687.3809
Yetmar, Scott Associate Professor 687.3999

Support Staff for Department of Accounting:

name title phone (216) email
Leadbetter, Marilyn Administrative Secretary 1 687.3791