Accounting Career Development

Accounting Career Development
Tips for Meet the Accountants Night
  • Do your research on employers that are of interest to you so you can ask the right questions
  • Look confident. It is expected to be anxious when networking, but the trick is to appear as if you're not. Look people in the eye when you speak, be secure in your delivery, and watch how often you use filler words such as "uh, um, ah," etc.
  • Prepare a good elevator speech

Take a look at more tips on how to prepare and what to do before, during, and after Meet the Accountants Night. Speakers from EY and CSU's Office of Career Development and Exploration provided their time and talents.

  • Video and slides of the Office of Career Development and Exploration presentation can be found here.
  • Video and slides of the EY presentation can be found here.
Opportunities for Career Development Include:

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