Intercollegiate Ethics Case Competition 2024



Intercollegiate Ethics Case Competition 2024 (IECC) 
Friday · February 23, 2024

All students are invited and welcome to watch the Final Round
from 1:20 PM – 2:10 PM in BU 118.

The IECC consists of 6 teams from Ohio Universities (including CSU) with three members each that present solutions for an original, compelling ethics case study. Solutions will be evaluated by a panel of judges from public accounting firms and industry.


•  Professional development and networking opportunity.

•  Experience in critical thinking and analysis and applied ethics.

View the Agenda here. 

Research shows that 80% of young professionals face substantial ethical dilemmas early in their careers, which shape their moral compasses throughout their careers. The ability to understand what constitutes ethical action and apply ethical courage, no matter the situation, is paramount to ensuring our future professionals are well-prepared to protect the public interest.