Out of State Undergraduate Sport & Entertainment Tuition Waivers

Out of State Undergraduate Sport & Entertainment Tuition Waivers

Monte Ahuja College of Business students

Undergraduate Out of State
Sport & Entertainment Tuition Waiver


These waivers will be made available to out of state undergraduate students looking to attend Cleveland State University and major in Sport and Entertainment Management. (in all states except for Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania, whose state residents are automatically eligible for an out of state tuition waiver at CSU)

    Twelve (12) individual and four-year renewable out of state tuition waivers will be awarded beginning in the fall of 2024 to students who meet the criteria* outlined below:

    1. Academic Excellence:
      • Demonstrate a strong academic record, reflecting commitment to education.
      • Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA while attending Cleveland State University to earn the renewal of the scholarship for their sophomore, junior and senior years.
      • Students must graduate in four years. If they don’t complete their course of study by then the waiver will not extend into year five.
    2. Leadership and Influence:
      • Exhibit leadership qualities through involvement in sports, extracurricular activities, or community service.
      • Provide evidence of being an influencer at their high school, such as holding leadership positions or initiating impactful projects.
    3. Passion for Sport and Entertainment Management:
      • Express a clear passion for pursuing a career in Sport and Entertainment Management.
      • Students must remain in the Sport and Entertainment Management Major to be eligible for all four years.
    4. Community Engagement:
      • Demonstrate active involvement in community service and outreach.
      • Highlight instances where the candidate has positively impacted their community or school through engagement.
    5. Communication Skills:
      • Showcase effective communication skills through essays, interviews, or other relevant mediums.
      • Articulate how they plan to leverage the waiver to promote the Sport and Entertainment Management Program.
    6. Letters of Recommendation – Optional
      • Submit letters of recommendation (no more than two) from teachers, community leaders, or mentors emphasizing leadership qualities, character, and potential influence.
    7. Essay & Commitment to Cleveland State University:
      • Each applicant will be required to submit an essay of 1,000 to 1,500 words that expresses a strong commitment to attending Cleveland State University.
      • Student must already be accepted to Cleveland Sate University and be an out of state student.
      • Provide reasons for choosing the Sport and Entertainment Management Program at CSU.
      • The essay should:
        1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Cleveland State's relationships with the sports and entertainment industry in NE Ohio.
        2. Articulate how they plan to utilize these relationships to enhance their education and contribute to the program.
        3. Express a clear passion for pursuing a career in Sport and Entertainment Management.
        4. Provide a statement explaining their interest in the program and how they plan to contribute.

    *Students who meet all the criteria listed above will receive the strongest consideration.



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