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Undergraduate Advising

Located in the office of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services, the Undergraduate Advising team provides services to current and prospective students including on-going academic advising, University, College and Major course requirements, as well as developing long term graduation plans and completing graduation application evaluations.

The Undergraduate Advising team also helps with issues regarding College and University petition requests, scholarship research, internship/co-op options and career development. For prospective transfer students the team provides transfer credit course evaluation services for students seeking to transfer to the Monte Ahuja College of Business.

Why every undergraduate student needs advising...

Every undergraduate business student should meet with an academic advisor. Not only will an advisor ensure that you take the proper courses to fulfill your degree requirements, an academic advisor can:

  • Capitalize on the economic benefit of taking a full course load (12-18 hours) while balancing your work throughout the semester
  • Maximize transfer credits
  • Review your Degree Audit within Campus Net
  • Recognize the opportunity for you to earn a minor by identifying courses you have completed and making recommendations
  • Develop your personal Academic Graduation plan and help you graduate on time
  • Help current CSU students with transient questions. Current CSU students who would like to take a course at a communicty college, please review the CSU Registrar transient status form at Current CSU Student/Transient

How to make an appointment:

Students can schedule an appointment by contact the office by phone at 216.687.3729.  The Undergraduate Advising office in the College of Business does not use the Starfish calendar. Please review our Undergraduate Advising Appointment Policy here.

Day Hours Availability
Monday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm By appointment according to policy.
Tuesday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm By appointment according to policy.
Wednesday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm By appointment according to policy.
Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm By appointment according to policy.
Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm By appointment according to policy.

Frequently Asked Questions/Advising Tools/Resources:

Express Degree Auditing for Graduation:

Grad Express Degree Audit is the official University place of information regarding all students' progress towards meeting degree requirements at CSU. There are three main components that comprise any CSU degree:

  • University Requirements
  • College Requirements
  • Major/Minor Requirements

The Audit report outlines each requirement and shows the courses that a student has taken up to a certain period of time that meet each requirement and can be used to determine the courses needed for graduation.

The Grad Express Degree Audit report is more accurate then paper forms and requirement sheets because it is the University record of fact. In addition, the CSU Office of Registrar is the final office to approve degree completion for all CSU degrees/diplomas. All Cleveland State University colleges have approved all program plans and requirements listed within the Grad Express Deree Audit reports. To use the report, please read more about the service here.  

Graduation Application Process:

All students are required to complete a graduation application well in advance of their projected graduation date. Students should consult with their college advising offices before submitting their application. Undergraduate students apply online through the Graduation tab in CampusNet.

The online graduation application will rely on a students Degree Audit to determine eligibility to graduate. Students are encouraged to be enrolled in their remaining coursework before applying to graduate. To learn more about the process, please review the CSU Graduation website here.    

Academic Achievement and Scholarships:

Academic honors are a way for the University to note your success. Students achieving a semester GPA of 3.25 or above may fall into one or more categories of academic honors and be acknowledged accordingly. Please see the Academic Achievement page for more information. Please review a list of Business Undergraduate scholarships here.       

Sponsored Scholarship Letter Requests:

Undergraduate business students who require a letter for their Sponsored Scholarship Agency, please use the following online application in order to request a letter: Business Undergraduate Sponsored Letter Request.   

Undergraduate Transfer Course Credit Evaluation:

Undergraduate students who disagree with any portion of their CSU Transfer Credit Evaluation (TC) report completed by the CSU Office of Registrar regarding courses related to Monte Ahuja College of Business coursework in relationship to College of Business undergraduate major, minor and certificate programs have a right to complete a Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate Business Transfer Course Credit Evaluation Petition appeal. To learn more about the Business Transfer Course Credit Evaluation Petition appeal process, we advise students to contact the Undergraduate Business Advising Office at An advising professional will contact you within 24 ours or sooner regarding the process in filling a Business Transfer Course Credit Evaluation Petition Appeal.


Academic Probation:

All undergraduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 to remain in good standing. If a student's cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, the student may be placed on academic probation or face academic dismissal. Please see the Academic Probation web page or contact the Undergraduate Advising office for more information.   

Readmission to the College of Business:

Students who have been suspended (or prior to Fall 2013, referred to as dismissed) from Cleveland State University for academic reasons and wish to be readmitted to the CSU Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate Program must complete the online Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate readmission petition process. Please review the readmission web page and application process here.   

Undergraduate Advising Office Information:


Monte Ahuja College of Business

1860 East 18th Street, BU 219

PHONE: 216.687.3729