Center for Sales Excellence


Fall 2020:

In case you missed some of our Fall 2020 programming, we've created a log of our recordings! Please click on the links below to log-in and view these amazing sessions!

Shelly Cayette WestonCoffee With A Closer: November 18, 2020 
Shelly Cayette Weston, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at the Cleveland Cavaliers
Click here to access recording and
Use passcode: SALES2020!

Jim Kandrac​​​​​​​Coffee With A Closer: October 21, 2020 
Jim Kandrac, President and Founder of UCG Technologies
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Use passcode: U4&UE4A&
Toni PaolettaLearn To Sell Your Strengths Virtually! September 30, 2020 
Featuring Toni Paoletta, Lecturer, Marketing Department
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Use passcode: t1N$3.#P

Blake CarpenterCoffee With A Closer: September 23, 2020 
Blake Carpenter, Quicken Loans
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Use passcode: Bernie1!

Spring 2020:

Wednesday, February 19th: Coffee with a Closer featuring Matt Onifer, Enterprise Account Manager for Forcepoint Corp. 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in BU 220. Learn more here.