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Todd Canter

Todd Canter2017 Real Estate Conference Speaker

Todd Canter currently serves as the Global Portfolio Strategist for the asset management platform of the National Australia Bank (nabSecurities, LLC). Previously, he worked for LaSalle Investment Management as a global real estate investment manager, for 21 years. While at LaSalle, Mr. Canter served as the Global Strategist, Global Head of Product Development and CEO of Asia Pacific.  As the Global Strategist, Mr. Canter authored several research studies on portfolio diversification and real estate cycles. As head of product development, Mr. Canter launched 15 distribution funds over a 12 year time frame, raising more than $15 billion in capital. One of those funds included the Nikko LaSalle GRES Fund which raised more than $12 billion in new capital.  As the CEO of Asia Pacific, Mr. Canter built the investment management and business platforms in that region.

Mr. Canter earned a B.A. from Ohio Northern University and an M.B.A. with honors with from Cleveland State University. He is an active member of the American Real Estate Society (ARES) and a Distinguished Fellow at the Homer Hoyt Institute.  Mr. Canter has served as an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University where he taught courses on real estate finance and real estate capital markets.  He has guest lectured at universities around the world including UC Berkeley, Hong Kong University and Nanjing University in Mainland China.  He is an award-winning author on real estate cycles and has also published on the topics of portfolio diversification and global real estate markets and investing.