Professional Development Center

Digital Marketing Certificate

To succeed today, companies must connect with customers and other businesses through digital channels and must adjust their marketing mix accordingly. The Digital Marketing Certificate program focuses on helping marketers build and sustain successful, integrated digital media marketing programs. Marketing professionals with expertise in this area are invaluable assets to organizations, as emerging technology continues to dictate the way marketing is practiced today.

 Certificate Learning Objectives:

  • Essential Steps for Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Personalizing the Digital Experience and Online Customer Acquisition process

  • Analytics and Return on Investment

  • Integrate digital initiatives, including websites, search, e-mail, social media, mobile campaigns, and various online promotions

  • Conduct consumer research in order to produce effective campaigns and a cost-effective means of generating leads, increasing sales, and enhancing customer relationship management (CRM) programs

  • Target and deliver smart marketing messages to on-the-go and digital media-savvy audiences

  • Achieve better results with digital spending and show the exact return on marketing investment

What are the benefits?

Learn to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with proven strategies and practical tips from expert instructors. Fast-paced and information-packed, this program will give you tools to use immediately, plus the foundation to build a strategy for the future. You will gain an understanding of the latest social media channels and the most strategic uses for each. You will also learn how to set performance goals and to make the most of analytics tools to demonstrate return on investment from your efforts.

Who Should Attend?

  • Communicators at all levels and from various industries, for-profit and nonprofit
  • Marketers, public relations practitioners, communications specialists - anyone in an external communications role
  • Young professionals learning how to master social media techniques on the job and seasoned pros adapting to our new digital world
  • Officers, senior managers, and staff members interested in getting up to speed on the latest digital communication techniques

Coursework for the Certificate:

A certificate is awarded after completion of each of the required courses. Students must register in each individual course separately or call 216.687.6957. This provides students the opportunity to move at their own pace. 

Completion Time:  

Completion time is dependent on several factors. The average completion time for this certificate program is two semesters or six to nine months.