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3 Digital Marketing Myths

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Digital Marketing Myths

Too often, digital marketing is treated more as a buzzword than an actual part of business strategy. While many people may think that digital marketing is synonymous with social media marketing, or email marketing, or search engine marketing, or video marketing—the reality is that digital marketing encompasses all these various tactics, and then some. Digital marketing requires high-levels of strategy and coordination, not to mention fresh and creative talent to produce copy.

In case you’re still a little confused (or not completely convinced) on the true nature of digital marketing, keep reading to learn the facts behind common myths on the subject.

1. Digital marketing is easy

Many people think that digital marketing is as simple as drafting a few social posts and opening a Google Ads account. However, as I’ve already alluded, it’s much more complex than that. Today’s marketing landscape is changing more dramatically than ever before. Creating and sustaining a likable and accessible digital presence is more important than ever, with over 71% of consumers reporting that good social media service directly impacts their likelihood to recommend the brand to others (source). Trying to win someone over in person is hard enough, trying to convert customers online poses completely different challenges, particularly when the methods, platforms, and tools for reaching customers are changing almost continuously. To top this enormous challenge is the fact that the average adult attention span is only 8 seconds—giving marketers and copywriters the added challenge of attracting customers at literally the blink of an eye.


2. Digital marketing won’t work for my business

Many people (especially small business owners) often persist that digital marketing is not relevant or useful to their business. Reality check – it is. The world is becoming more and more digital, which means your business needs to embrace this change as well. Digital marketing is a sure-fire way to attract new and retain your existing customers. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it.

Now, you may be thinking – How do I know if my digital marketing efforts are even working?

I’m glad you asked.

Digital marketing is extremely measurable. In fact, most digital marketing tactics offer real-time metrics and conversion tracking. No more guessing your return on investment or wondering how people found your website. These tactics are also very budget-friendly, letting you pause or launch your campaigns at any time, as well as increase or decrease your budget depending on its performance.


3. Only younger generations are suited for digital marketing positions

While many people consider digital marketing to be a newer trend and a career opportunity exclusive to those just graduating college, research actually indicates that digital marketing is making its way into older demographics as well. Research indicates that the average marketing manager is about 40 years or older (source). While younger generations may be naturally attracted to digital marketing positions, rest assured that age is not a factor in becoming an expert in the digital marketing field.

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