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Strategic Online Marketing Class Works Closely with Local Businesses

The Strategic Online Marketing class, facilitated by Jim D'Orazio, has been working with local businesses for the past 11 years to create marketing strategies for their online properties. In Spring 2014, the class successfully worked with Dean Suppy and their Marketing Manager, Mike DeSatnik in an effort to grow the restaurant supply company's ecommerce efforts. DeSatnik, who received his MBA from CSU said "Overall, I found that the detail, students' effort and weekly questions allowed me to continually think out-of-the-box in relation to by business. It is easy to fall into the same patterns every week when managing an online business. The class allowed me to think differently when approaching marketing and advertising issues."

"I believe we will be able to capture the value from this relationship. Both groups I worked with did a great job analyzing our company and its bottlenecks. The solutions that were provided by the students will impact how we approach our online marketing needs," DeSatnik added.

D'Orazio said the class is fun to teach and continues to eveolve to keep up with today's technology. "Eleven years ago we just looked at a company's website and strategized improvements. Now, we write strategies for email, social media, mobile and content marketing. Students are asked to work hard and they do."

The class has worked with over 75 companies in the past 11 years providing engaged learning for students and value for local companies.