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SMIF Course Hosted Panel on Thursday, September 7th, 2017

On Thursday, September 7th, the the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) class hosted a panel discussion called "Investment Industry and Careers".

James Bailey, CFA and VP/Relationship Manager at PNC, Mary Jane Matts, Partner Portfolio Manager, Value Strategies at Foundry Partners LLC, and Calvin Zhang, Senior Analyst/Portfolio Manager at PNC joined the FIN 480 students to talk about some of the work they do at their firms.

James spoke on the relationship between interest rates and asset allocation, while portfolio managers MJ and Calvin talked about passive versus active investing and growth versus value investing respectively. Following the panel discussion and a day-in-the-life from each speaker, the students asked questions and received informative responses.

The SMIF students, serving as Fund Managers, are beginning their research of the current holdings of the SMIF fund this week. The hedge fund being managed holds nearly $750,000 and over 30 stocks. Each group of students is responsible for analyzing several stocks and reporting to the management committee weekly. In addition to tracking the portfolio, students prepare a semi-annual report, send out a newsletter detailing their progress and manage the SMIF LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. 

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James Bailey James M. Bailey, CFA, Vice President/Relationship Manager at PNC Captial Advisors
MJ Matts Mary Jane (MJ) Matts, Partner Portfolio Manager, Value Strategies at Foundry Partners LLC
Calvin Zhang

Calvin Y. Zhang, Senior Analyst/Portfolio Manager at PNC Capital Advisors