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CSU & the American Sustainable Business Council Host "Conservative Thought and Sustainability"

American Sustainable Business Council

Core conservative principles align with and can augment the goals of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Preserving natural resources is inherently a conservative idea and can be achieved while protecting personal freedom and relying on dynamic market forces. However, too often sustainability is defined by and associated with liberal and progressive political thought to the detriment of broad-based policy making.  The private sector is leading the way in developing clean technology and other sustainable products and services.  Public policy and regulations, however, have an important part to play in influencing private investment in these areas.

Cleveland State University and the American Sustainable Business Council will host an interactive discussion, during the Republican National Convention, to explore these themes and to illustrate how sustainability policy can be utilized to meet the goals of conservatism.  “Conservative Thought and Sustainability” will bring together national and Cleveland-area business leaders, policy makers, the media and RNC delegates -- to examine the financial benefits that companies large and small are achieving through environmental sustainability practices. The program will highlight how conservative principles and policies can support domestic clean energy and address environmental challenges, while ensuring a dynamic and competitive marketplace.

The event will be held 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday, July 20 in the Cleveland Marshall College of Law Atrium at 1801 Euclid Ave in Cleveland, one mile from the Convention Center. The event is free and open to the public and lunch will be served.

Registration is required.

“As private and public sector initiatives both demonstrate, we can have a more sustainable world without growing government or extensive regulation, while encouraging choice, providing clear pricing signals, and limiting the concentration of power, ” notes Richard Eidlin, vice president of policy/campaigns and co-founder of ASBC. “Through this forum we will explore how conservative thought can enhance sustainable goals and create better public policy.”

“Sustainable development is synonymous with economic, social and environmental prosperity,” says Victoria Avi, manager of CSU’s Sustainable Business Center. “By sharing many examples of innovative business practices we can inspire business leaders of all political backgrounds to find and implement solutions that have triple bottom line benefits (financial, social and environmental).”

The forum will feature panels on sustainability as a competitive advantage, enhancing national and environmental security, and building an ecosystem of sustainability entrepreneurs and innovators. Speakers will include Rob Sisson, President of ConservAmerica; Catrina Rorke, Energy Policy Director for the R Street Institute; Alex Bozmoski of republicEN; Trammel Crow, philanthropist and founder of Earth Day Texas; and Cathy Belk, President of JumpStart, Inc., Northeast Ohio’s business incubator.

Download a PDF file of the event flyer here

ASBC is organizing educational policy forums at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to highlight the financially positive impact that sustainability can have on the US economy. Both programs focus on corporate best practices as well as government’s role in addressing current environmental and economic challenges.