Afternoons@Ahuja: September 25, 2015

Best Practices in Product and Service Innovation

Sales growth increasingly depends upon effective and efficient generation of new products and services. Innovation is not just a buzzword - it is a necessity for organizations to survive and thrive. On September 25th, Afternoons@Ahuja provided a look at how companies create processes and a culture that results in product and service innovations that drive growth.


  • Ashley Tople, Brand Manager, Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes and CSU MBA Alumna
  • Dave W. Seline, Business Development Manager - New Technology, The Lubrizol Corporation and CSU MBA Alumnus
  • Rene Polin, President and Founder, Balance, Inc.

Key Topics:

  • Adopting a Strategic Approach to Product Development
  • Refining the Process from Ideation to Commercialization
  • Assuring the Brand and Market Fit
  • Building an Innovative Organization