Afternoons@Ahuja: September 15, 2016

Afternoons@Ahuja: What Marketers Can Learn from the RNC

In July 2016, Cleveland successfully hosted the Republican National Convention. It took many people making an enormous effort to pull of this remarkable achievement. The event posed a huge marketing challenge that included brand marketing, destination marketing, event marketing, digital marketing and real-time marketing.

The September 15, 2016 Afternoons@Ahuja featured three panelists on the frontlines of this effort who provided behind the scenes accounts, insights and lessons from what they learned. The panelists further shared with the audience how they will use those lessons moving forward.


Colette JonesVice President of Marketing, Destination Cleveland, Cleveland's Convention and Visitors Bureau

Sanaa Julien, CEO, Public Square Programming and Operations, Cleveland State University alumna

Jason Therrien, Co-Chair, Digital Committee, RNC Host Committee and President, thunder::tech