MBA Program Details:

The Monte Ahuja College of Business Administration offers a world-class, interdisciplinary MBA degree. All of our programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the hallmark of quality in management education worldwide. The MBA Program consists of three levels of courses.

Level One:

These courses focus on developing quantitative and verbal skills. They may be waivable on the basis of GMAT/GRE results. Please speak with a Graduate Advisor or the Chair of the Department of Management for details. 

  • GAD 501: Business English
  • GAD 502: Intermediate Business English
  • OSM 500: Mathematical Models for Business
Level Two:

Level Two courses build a foundation for business by covering all major busines disciplines: accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and operations and supply chain management. These courses may be waivable on the basis of recent undergraduate coursework. Please speak with a Graduate Advisor or the Chair of the Department of Management for details.

  • ACT 501: Financial Accounting
  • ECN 503: Economic Concepts
  • FIN 501: Financial Management
  • GAD 515: Communications for Managers
  • MBA 500: Environment of Business
  • MKT 501: Marketing Management
  • OSM 503: Statistical Methods for Business Decisions
  • OSM 511: Operations Management
Level Three:

These courses are the core of the MBA program and are non-waivable. They consist of three groups.

Group A: Functional Core Courses

  • ACT 600: Managerial Accounting
  • FIN 601: Financial Policies
  • MKT 601: Marketing Strategy
  • MGT 601: Human Resources Management and Labor Relations

Group B: Integrative Core Courses

  • MBA 600: Team Dynamics
  • MBA 602: International Business
  • MBA 603: Management of Innovation and Technology
  • MBA 660: Integrative Business Strategy

Group C: Electives and Accounting Concentration

A minimum of 9 hours of electives is required. An  internship may be used as one of the three required elective courses. Please make an appointment with Dr. Tim DeGroot,  Interim Chair of the Management Department for approval and details.

Concentration in Management Include:

  • MGT 504: Organizational Theory & Design
  • MGT 522: Labor Law
  • MGT 531: Employment Practices Law
  • MGT 543: Entrepreneurship 
  • MGT 557: Human Resources Info Systems
  • MGT 577: Managerial Skill Development
  • MGT 587: International Management
  • MGT 602: Adv Wage/Employment Theory
  • MGT 604: Leadership & Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • MGT 605: Organizational Development
  • MGT 640: Compensation & Benefits
  • MGT 641: Employment Planning
  • MGT 651: Collective Bargaining 

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