Tamar Lominadze

Dr. Tamar Lominadze is a professor at the Georgian Technical University, a member of Academic Board and head of Technology Transfer. She is an associated member of Georgian National Academy of Engineering Sciences and Head of e-Learning centre at GTU.

Dr. Lominadze has been working at the university since 1999. She received her Ph.D. in 2005 and is the author of 5 books and up to 45 scientific articles. One of the leading researchers in the fields of ICT and technology-enhanced learning at GTU, she has been a certified specialist in e-Learning since 2009. She has participated in a number of international research projects in the field of technology-enhanced learning.

Dr. Lominadze is Weiser Professional Development Program fellow, funded by The Ronald and Eileen Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia. In September 2015, she visited University of Michigan as a Weiser Center scholar.

In 2015 she also participated in the “Girl in Science Innovation Competition” and made significant contributions to successful advancement of knowledge among young female students in science innovation and leadership skill development. This project was sponsored by U.S. Embassy in Georgia, GRFD and U.S. CRDF Global, 2014-2015. Tamar was a supervisor of the first prize winner of the competition. She currently is guiding 2 doctorate and 3 master students.


Is Something Common Between Science and Entrepreneurship?

“Is something common between Science and Entrepreneurship?” – this is the most widespread question scientists are asking almost all over the world. And Georgia is not an only exemption.

As a successor of Soviet educational and research system, Georgia underwent very difficult steps of transformation. A Command system in economy, prevailing in Georgia for more than 70 years, was dictating main directions of the Research and Development activities, which were followed by the most bright scientists of the whole country. What is most important, there was almost no competition between businesses, as every activity, including economical activities, were planned in advance at the highest political level.

Nowadays economic reality in Georgia is different – today competition between different companies and enterprises is extremely high, and one of the most effective ways to get a competitive advantage over others, is wide implementation of innovation and technology in business operation. This reality is one of the major reasons that fostered Business – Academia cooperation in Georgia. This cooperation has different levels and different focuses, but the most important result of this cooperation is that business started be interested in scientific achievements of Georgian Scientists and there are several cases of successful implementation of scientific results in business operations.

 On the other hand, there emerged a number of scientists, who are willing to go through the whole cycle of commercialization of their inventions. Especially these are young researchers, who are able to speak and understand not only scientific, but business and entrepreneurial language as well.

University is the unique place, which connects education, research and, what is the most important, young brain and energy. Therefore, it is really difficult to overestimate how important is a development of entrepreneurial mind-set and spirit in the University environment. Nowadays, every student should leave the University with the desire to start his/her own enterprise and should be very well prepared for this – realizing very clearly what is common between Science and Entrepreneurship.

In the paper there is discusses the case of the Georgian Technical University – what we are doing today and how we see our future in the Georgian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.