Bechara Nehme

Bechara NehmeBechara Nehme is the Head of the Electrical, Telecommunication and computer Engineering Department of the School of Engineering of USEK (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik). He got his BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from USEK (2011) and his MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from USEK (2013). He got his PhD at AMU (Aix Marseille University) with the LSIS laboratory (Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et des Systemes). His PhD thesis focuses on increasing the lifespan of PV panels by monitoring and control. Dr. Bechara is a professional member of IEEE, ASEE, IFToMM, OEA, LSES. He has authored and co-authored different book chapters, journals and conference proceedings. He also serves as reviewer for different journals and conferences. He also received different research and academic grants. Dr. Bechara Nehme main focus is on PV energy sources and their relative control. He also has developed a wide range of didactic systems aiming to foster soft skills of future engineers.


Fostering Creativity by Curriculum Redesign for Engineering Students

Today’s employers are requiring new soft skills. In fact, we are living in a disruptive jobs’ era. On one hand, Skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity are essentials and should be emphasized in engineering student curriculums. On the other hand, accreditation bodies and legislations imply a traditional distribution of engineering content like science and math, general education, engineering courses, and technical electives. The latter is the main constraint affecting the redesign of engineering curriculum to foster creativity. The presentation discusses what are the actions undertaken to foster creativity in students at the School of Engineering. In order to achieve the purpose defined, we elaborated some changes, redesign, and substitutions to some credits. These latter changes have been made with adequate care in order to abide by the constrains of legislations and accreditation bodies. Engineering students are now subject to activities and courses focusing on fostering their creativity, working in multidisciplinary teams, and critical thinking. In the recent days, fighting against unemployment is a key responsibility of universities, engineering schools, and instructors. Educators should redesign their courses and create new courses that respond to the marked needs. Creativity is one of these skills that should be developed in future engineers.