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Leading Remote Teams - Webinar Series

Mollie KatzManaging a fully or partially remote work team is a new reality resulting from both a COVID19-impacted world and the product of a global economy. Successfully engaging your team and maximizing their performance to achieve your business goals can be a challenge for any manager, but it is especially complex and difficult when you lead a remote team.

In this four-part interactive webinar series below, you will learn the essentials of how to build and maintain a solid, high-performing team, with a focus on how to do this when some or all of you are not co-located. Optional individual coaching sessions are available for self-development and for problem-solving your specific challenges. Learn more about Mollie Katz here.

Wednesday, December 2nd: Part 1

Thursday, December 3rd: Part 2

Wednesday, December 10th: Part 3

Thursday, December 11th: Part 4