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ITAC Success Story: The Daavlin Company

The Daavlin Company is a small medical device company specializing in phototherapy. It exports to over 70 countries and territories from its modest but efficient headquarters in rural Bryan, OH (pop. 8,210).  All Daavlin phototherapy sales and marketing activities are conducted from this office through a network of exclusive international distributors. They ship to many popular export destinations such as Canada, Mexico and Germany. But they also export to many "underserved markets" such as Brunei, Pakistan and Iran among many others. In the case of Iran in particular, a special export license was required that took three years to obtain, but Daavlin was persistent and ultimately won the right to sell.

President David W. Swanson (below) serves as an advocate of small business expansion into foreign markets; he asks “Has your company ever experienced a recession? If your company has 30-35% of its revenue coming from export, you're basically recession-proof."