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How to Create A Side Hustle - November 3, 2020

Rachel Jablonski​​​​​​​Date/Time:

Tuesday, November 3rd 2020
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

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Rachel Jablonski is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Cleveland State University studying International Business, French and Dance. She plans to work cross-culturally in small business development for artisans and community outreach.

Rachel’s decision to work internationally was influenced by a 2018 trip to Shell, Ecuador, a village in the Amazon basin that is home to members of the recently-contacted Waorani tribe.

When the pandemic began and the Waorani were unable to buy food due to a lack of tourists in Ecuador and the resulting loss of sales of their artesanía, Rachel knew their beautiful products could solve a problem in the United States, and so she sought to create a side hustle as a channel.​​​​​​​

Rachel’s participation in the Education Entrepreneurship Consortium’s Summer Side Hustle Program encouraged her in customer discovery and diligent planning. She is excited to offer insight based on her own experience in this area, as well as the impact the pandemic has had on the formation of her business.  

Click here to access recording and
Use passcode: *09X0WJ?​​​​​​​