Business Analytics


The Monte Ahuja College of Business offers two graduate certificates in Business Analytics, undergraduate and graduate courses and non-academic courses through our Professional Development Center. Explore the links to the courses below within their respective catalogs/registration systems. 

Undergraduate Courses:
Number Name
ACT 475 Accounting Analytics
IST 440 Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems
IST 467 Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
MKT 466 Sales Analytics
OSM 202 Introduction to Business Analytics
OSM 312 Supply Chain Analytics
OSM 434 Multivariate Business Analytics Using SAS
Graduate Certificates:
Strategic Business Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Graduate Courses:
Number Name
ACT 575 Accounting Analytics
BUS 575 Introduction to Business Analytics
BUS 600 Applied Business Analytics
BUS 601 Managing Databases for Business Analytics
BUS 602 Strategy for Business Analytics
BUS 603 SAS for Data and Statistical Analysis
BUS 604 Advanced Business Analytics 1
BUS 605 Advanced Business Analytics 2
BUS 606 Practicum in Business Analytics
BUS 690 Business Analytics Applied Project
IST 634 Enterprise Databases
IST 660 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
IST 734 Enterprise Databases (Doctoral)
IST 760 Business Analytics (Doctoral)
MGT 600 HRM Metrics and Analytics
OSM 534 Multivariable Analytics Using SAS
OSM 601 Supply Chain Analytics
Professional Development Center/Continuing Education:
Marketing Analytics:
 - Understanding Google Analytics
 - Measuring Digital Marketing ROI with Visual Analytics
Additional Courses:
 - Microsoft Office Excel 2016 with Power Pivot
 - Microsoft Office Excel 2016 with Pivot Tables
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