Welcome to the Monte Ahuja College of Business

Our Promise and Mission

Our Promise: To be the business education partner of choice in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Our Mission:

  • Build and enrich the careers of a diverse group of students
  • Provide experiential and engaged business education
  • Produce graduates who are prepared to become capable, principled and ready to lead and drive success at their organizations
  • Serve as a resource and partner for the business community, providing research, teaching expertise and other outreach initiatives

Our Goals:

  • Produce career-ready students
  • Generate knowledge that matters
  • Nurture partnerships with the Northeast Ohio business community
  • Strengthen and diversify our resources

Our Values:

  • Diversity: We appreciate what unites and differentiates us.
  • Relevant: We support the ever-changing needs and interests of the business community at large.
  • Integrity: We practice sound principles and ethics.
  • Value-Driven: We provide a positive return on investment for students and partners.
  • Engagement: We interact and immerse ourselves in the world around us.
  • Scholarship: We are dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge.